OZZY OSBOURNE: "I'd Be Completely Nuts Not To Put Out Another BLACK SABBATH Album"

Ozzy Osbourne

Birmingham Mail has issued the following report from Andy Coleman:

OZZY OSBOURNE was amongst friends and family when he performed at Birmingham NIA but he confesses he still gets nervous before the show.

"I still get stage fright," he admits. "I still worry and get into a panic but that's just who I am. People are surprised that after all these years I still get stage fright but I think it's because I still care about my performance."

And Ozzy had extra cause for celebration when he became the first celebrity on Birmingham's Walk Of Stars.

"I've got a star on Hollywood Boulevard and now I'm getting one in my home town - fantastic!" he enthuses.

He adds that the other members of BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward - should also be honoured with stars on the Walk so is there a possibility the band will get back together on stage with Ozzy?

"They're touring as HEAVEN AND HELL at the moment with Ronnie James Dio but I never say never," says Aston-born Ozzy.

"I'd be completely nuts not to put out another Black Sabbath album. The problem is, we could go into the studio now and make an album but it would have to be better than anything we'd done before. But if I ever retire I'd love to end my career performing with the band I first played with."

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