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Prince To Be Honored At 10th Annual Webby Awards

Posten on: 2010-03-10 18:51:51

Prince has been selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 10th Annual Webby Awards on June 12. The awards, which will be held at New York City?s Cipriani Wall Street, will honor the Prince for his use of the internet to distribute his music. He was the first major artist to release an entire album exclusively on the internet. After a highly publicized split with Warner Bros., Prince made his 1997 album, Crystal Ball, available only via the internet. Since then, he?s used his own web-based NPG Music Club to release seven other full-length CDs. ?Prince is a visionary who recognized early on that the internet would completely change how we experience music. For more than a decade, he has tapped the power of the Web to forge a deeper connection with his fans and push the boundaries of technology and art,? Tiffany Shlain, the founder of the Webby Awards said. In addition to honoring Prince, this year?s awards will also recognize the strides made by The Gorillaz and the founders of

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Beyonce Goes Latin August 21, Singer to Release 'Irreemplazable'

Posten on: 2010-03-10 18:51:50

On August 21 R&B singer Beyonce Knowles wil release 'Irreemplazable,' an eight track Spanish language EP featuring select songs from Beyonce's hit album, B'Day.At the same time a Wal-Mart exclusive CD/DVD combo of the EP will also be released. Special content includes a behind the scenes documentary entitled La Evolucion Latina de Beyonce (The Latin Evolution of Beyonce) as well as the music video for Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" (Timbaland Remix) featuring Voltio.The Spanish language EP follows close on the heels of B'Day's Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album raising Beyonce's Grammy total to 10. B'Day debuted at # 1 selling more than 530,000 copies and has already sold more than 4 million units worldwide to date.Comprised of original material and tracks from B'Day and Dreamgirls, Irreemplazable starts off with a recording of the single, "Amor Gitano," with Grammy Award winning artist, Alejandro Fernandez. This fiery collaboration between Beyonce and Alejandro has topped the Spanish single charts and is also the theme song for the immensely popular telenovela (Spanish soap opera,) Zorro, airing on Telemundo. Returning to some of her older material Beyonce also sings a Spanish version of her Academy Award Nominated song, Oye (Listen), from her RIAA Certified Platinum soundtrack, Dreamgirls.Following "Amor Gitano" and "Oye" on the EP is the hit title track, "Irreemplazable" (Irreplaceable), both in its original form and as a Nortena remix. In addition there are three different recordings of Beyonce and Shakira's sultry duet, "Beautiful Liar": one fully recorded in Spanish, another performed in Spanglish featuring Sasha (also known as Beyonce), and finally the English version of the single. Beyonce winds up Irreemplazable with a Timbaland remix of "Get Me Bodied" from B'Day featuring well known Reggaeton artist, Voltio.Although it was released nearly a year ago, B'Day has lost none of its power, and Irreemplazable only reinvigorates the strength of this multi- Platinum album. Beyonce can be seen on her nationwide tour, which began in July, in over 40 major cities.

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Ozzy to headline Ozzfest 2008

Posten on: 2010-03-08 17:50:01

Forget those rumors that Ozzfest will have to do without Ozzy Osbourne in the future. The Prince of Darkness told reporters during a teleconference today (Oct. that he'll be at the top of the 2008 Ozzfest bill — "as far as I know." He did not, however, indicate whether the annual heavy metal summer trek would remain free for attendees, as it was this past summer, saying that would be his wife, manager and Ozzfest creator Sharon Osbourne's decision. Osbourne — who begins an arena tour with ROB ZOMBIE on Oct. 18 in Seattle — told that any BLACK SABBATH plans in 2008, for Ozzfest or separately, are up in the air. "I'm the last person to be told anything," he cracked, but Osbourne noted that he felt if SABBATH was to do anything it would have to be up to a certain standard. "I'd love to do another BLACK SABBATH album," Osbourne said. "We did try and write together; there are a bunch of things written. But the problem I'm having is it's got to be at least on the same level as when we departed. If it's not, then what's the point in doing it. I'm definitely doing another album, whether with my own band or SABBATH. As long as I'm not doing bullsh*t…" Osbourne said that his upcoming arena trek, still supporting his latest album, "Black Rain," came about because "I happened to mention to Sharon at the beginning of this year that one thing I really miss is doing arenas, 'cause the Ozzfest, we didn't think it would last nowhere near as long as it did. I just missed doing arenas. It's part of what rock'n'roll's about." In the wide-ranging conversation, Osbourne also said he has no plans to write a book (blaming poor short-term memory) and will not be cooperating with filmmaker Peter Margolis‘ forthcoming documentary about Osbourne's original guitarist, the late Randy Rhoads. He did, however, defend Sharon from attacks made in the British press by her brother David Arden, who said that "she will keep Ozzy on the road until … he dies on stage." "Let me put this straight — my wife does not get involved with telling me about working," Osbourne said. "My wife can't make me do anything I don't want to do. I think the guy needs to see a f*cking psychiatrist."

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Ozzy Osbourne Bassist Confirmed For Metal Recording Industry Documentary

Posten on: 2010-03-08 17:50:01

Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (Cryptic Slaughter, Drown, Prong, Danzig, Rob Zombie and current Ozzy Osbourne bassist) has been confirmed to take part in the upcoming metal recording industry documentary Behind The Suit and Tie. Filming will take place on December 21 in NYC. Through a series of interviews with players from both indie and major labels, Behind The Suit and Tie will showcase the truth of how the music industry is being affected by the downward spiral of CD sales and how new and up and coming artists must learn to adjust to changing times. The film will also contain insight from Radio DJ Eddie Trunk, Paul Conroy (Ferret Records), Missi Callazzo (Megaforce Records), Al Dawson (Earache Records), Pat Egan (Relapse Records), Ray Harkins (Century Media), JC (The End Records), Mark Nawara (Crash Music), Gary Susalis (Music Choice), Rayny Forster (Moshpit Tragedy), Demolition Records, Heavy Artillery Records, Ex-Megadeth and current F5 bassist David Ellefson, and Soulfly/Primer 55 bassist Bobby Lee Burns. More labels and artists are subjected to be added. Behind The Suit and Tie pulls no punches and features some of the prime movers in the heavy metal industry drawing back the veil of mystique surrounding the music business and addressing tough questions about the industry itself, how it's run and where labels see their role in a digital future. There has been a lot of bad blood shed throughout the metal recording industry for many years now and it's time we separate fact from fiction. Robert Jr./Producer, Energy Music comments: "This film is not going to be your ordinary music documentary. We will deliver a strong message throughout the heavy metal community to show you what is fact and what is fiction. We have started full production on November 1 in NYC and things are moving along as planned." For more info visit

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OZZY OSBOURNE: "I'd Be Completely Nuts Not To Put Out Another BLACK SABBATH Album"

Posten on: 2010-03-08 17:50:01

Birmingham Mail has issued the following report from Andy Coleman: OZZY OSBOURNE was amongst friends and family when he performed at Birmingham NIA but he confesses he still gets nervous before the show. "I still get stage fright," he admits. "I still worry and get into a panic but that's just who I am. People are surprised that after all these years I still get stage fright but I think it's because I still care about my performance." And Ozzy had extra cause for celebration when he became the first celebrity on Birmingham's Walk Of Stars. "I've got a star on Hollywood Boulevard and now I'm getting one in my home town - fantastic!" he enthuses. He adds that the other members of BLACK SABBATH - Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward - should also be honoured with stars on the Walk so is there a possibility the band will get back together on stage with Ozzy? "They're touring as HEAVEN AND HELL at the moment with Ronnie James Dio but I never say never," says Aston-born Ozzy. "I'd be completely nuts not to put out another Black Sabbath album. The problem is, we could go into the studio now and make an album but it would have to be better than anything we'd done before. But if I ever retire I'd love to end my career performing with the band I first played with." Read the full story here.

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