Nerf Herder

Nerf Herder - Santa Has A Mullet lyrics

Santa's got a mullet and he's coming christmas eve

Santa's got a mullet, he's bringing gifts for you and me

Frosty's got a stovepipe hat

And rudolphs nose is red

Santa's got a mullet

Sitting on his head.

Santa's got a mullet, keep on looking out for him

Driving in his hotrod, with the killer rims

Santa's got a mullet

As he's streaking through the night

Jamming to Foghat

And drinkings Coor's Light

Singing Fa la la la...

Singing Fa la la la...

Angels up in heaven are plucking on their harps,

Santa's wearing Oakleys, and he's looking mighty sharp

Santa's got a mullet, and presents for all of ya

I thought he was from the Northpole but he must be from Canada

Oh yeah Santa's coming, don't you worry, he won't be long

Santa's got a mullet

Santa's got

Yeah Santa's got

Santa's got... a schlong

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