Nerf Herder

Nerf Herder - Rappin' Nerf Rap lyrics


Well I'm MC Parry and I'm here to say

That I came all the way from Goleta Way

And I'm recording in this old studio

Just standing around, kicking up the show

With Steve. He's playing the beat.

And Charlie's playing on the bass you see

Yeah Stevie Steve, on the drums

Oooh, Charlie... pickin' with his thumb

On the bass. Can you feel it.

Here it comesm Makes you want to kneel

On the ground.

And shke it all around.

And make a barking sound.

I'll tell you a story about a guy

He comes from Montecido. He's got a big eye.

And he's got a tattoo on his ass.

He's a big old punk rocker from the past.

Yeah he acts like a homeless man

But he lives in a palace in Montecido Land.

He's got a can of...


Yeah all these punks. They think they're tough.

Yeah they walk around with tattoos all over their mugs

They say "I'm a big punk and I come from the city...

...I come from the city. Where life is shitty...

And I'm mad.

Cause my dad

He took away my rad


So I'm sitting at home on the sofa

I don't get a check. Yeah I'm a lazy boy

Hey fuck you! I'm a punker!

That means I can come around and play a stumper...

on you! Yeah!

I got my backup band. They're Bon Jovi.

That's all right. Cause I'm rockin', dont ya know me?

I'm a tough guy. I got a piercing in my ear.

I've got a tattoo from here to here.

Yeah, I'm cool.

I got 500 dollars

invested on the roses around my collar

stuck on there by a guy with a needle

needle... needle... needle...

yeah I'm BAD.

I'm Rad.

And my tennis shoes... they're pumped up. They're iron clad.

I'm so mean.

My girlfriend's a porno queen!

Yeah! YOU SUCK. Yeah I hate you! Your lousy music is phony.

And you come from a big old house on a hill

And you play in a club and you act like you will

be true. But you're not. What does your name rhyme with... uh... I dunno."

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