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New Jersey Girl
By Nerf Herder from the album American Cheese
Tabbed by Jeff Shrensel

This tab is all the author's own work.


E ------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------------------------------|
G --------------(1)-------------------------------|
D ---7--6--4--6--2-------------------7--6--4--6--2|
A --------------------5--7--4---------------------|
E 5-----------------------------------------------|

Play the following chords with Distortion



Verse 1 & 2: (clean)


(heavy distortion)

Verse 3

E -------------------------------|
G -------------------------------|
B -------------------------------|   4X
D ---7--6--4--6--2---------------|
A --------------------5--7--4----|
E -------------------------------|

E ---0-------------------------|
G ---2--2-3---3---3----2----0--|
B ---2-------------------------|
D ---2-------------------------|
A -----------------------------|
E -----------------------------|
       (distortion), but is your sister home?

Chorus to end


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