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When you were coming up
Did you think everyone knew
Something unclear to you
And when you were thrown in a crowd
Could you believe yourself
Did you repeat yourself
Cause no one would hear
And just say it again
Cause they never got you and you never got them

Don't let it break
Don't let it start
Don't let em in
Don't go too far
And cover your tracks
Cover the path to the heart
Don't let those footholds start
And don't let no one in
Cause they never got you and you never got them

When you were breaking up
They was just waking up
And back in that place where you come from
Did it pay to play along
That's where I'm coming from
I'ld rather roll it myself or just let it be
Cause I never got them and they never got me
No I never got them and they never got me
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