Nek - Laura No Est lyrics

A dragon in his wildest state

Polymorphed by greed and within burning hate

Empowered by mad bloodlust

Hs shives to turn all life to dust

From three caverns filled with fire, death desire

We paralyzed by a dragonfear

Mighty knights grow numb when he's near

We march into our doom - into the dragons lair

Three caverns of dust and fire

A battle breaks the gloom - he's strong as fair

Those dragon skills - turn hope into despair

With his putrid fire breath

In those valliant knights ear he whispers pure death

Wizards burn in lightning rain

They writhe in an infernal pain

Into the dragons lair we march

Into the dragons lair......

His leather wing brewed up a storm

Blows and gusts to move his form, so he can fly

Fly before the dawn

He'll be back before too long

He could grab us with his demon blood soaked claws

One evil ghost without fear without honour

Mighty knights grow numb when he's near

The dragons lair

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