Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole - Wee Ba lyrics

Praising right out of the blue

And I felt got the reasons why

Why I went away

Funny how u open that door

And asked me walks in

The only think that I know for sure

Exactly how long has been

[1] - cause baby has been so long

Since I had u here with me

Baby is been so long

Baby come to me

Do you ever think of us

And the way it used to be

Day and night all over ur touch

Of the things u do to me

They say is just like writing a pad

Something’s u never forget

U know all the things that I’d like

Lets see how much harder it gets

[repeat 1]

They playin my song

It might be wrong

I hope that this night don’t end

It might be right

Right here tonight

What do u say, can u stay

[repeat 1]

[repeat 1]

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