Nas - K-I-SS-I-N-G (Remix)


Can't nobody love me like you do [x4]

(Ooonononon I said they cant)


She was the modern Isis, honey thought she was priceless

Perfect definition what a wife is, I like this

Showed me how excitin life is

I used to hang around dudes that used ice picks

The sheistiest, put you on they heist list

How we met it must have been fate

First date, crushed grapes, we ate lobster and steak

She kept asking questions how the cash made how my rent's paid

How many guns I sprayed and huns I laid

She said she want to have a family raise kids someday

Like out in Beverly Hills she wanna live one day

I can get with that I drop you off home

I call you hit me back

I wanna dig that and did I? I did that

Put it way up where her ribs at, her future kids had

You held out for two weeks, longer than these hoodrats

You precious more precious than lost treasure

Matter of fact I'm kinda hopin we can stay together


Can't nobody love me like you do [x4]

(Ooonononon I said they cant)


I see you dressed up in white face covered in vail

Do I hear wedding bells? My dogs throwin rice

And it's the day that your father give you away

to a real man that gently put the ring on your hand

Do we vow to stay faithful? Do more than try to

Now, look me in my eyes and say I do

Drivin off in the Rolls Royce just married on the plates

We can spend our honeymoon in the states

You can throw your friend the bouquet

Somethin in the back of my head say

For us two, maybe cuz I love you

Hug you squeeze you touch you tease you

As long as we together it's heaven for me to please you

Won't stop til I tell you me to beautiful

Deeper and harder love layin new with you

Runnin my fingers through your hair it's like days can go by

while I'm wit you and I won't even care, word


Can't nobody love me like you do [x4]

(Ooonononon I said they cant)


She been with young dudes, old guys, Hindus, pa-pi's

Colombians who cut pies, but none of them can touch Nas

Thug ones to those soft as baby shit

She been with hoodlums and those who had crazy chips

Til one day she decided to flip

It was nuttin I can do about it, like she the boss and shit

Started talkin this divorcin shit

I gave her my half rib, half my crib, half my cake

Half my car, half my kids? Can't get that

Tried to swing on the God, had to dip that

Yo, push her on the bed, lift her leg, had to rip that

All she wanted was rough sex, with her slick ass

Had to sit back, smoke a blunt and just look

With her fine-ass body and a damn good cook

For some reason yo she had me stuck and I had her in my web too

You my queen God bless you


Can't nobody love me like you do [x4]

(Ooonononon I said they cant)

[Until fade]

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