Naím Thomas

Naím Thomas - La Amé Otra Vez

Well you saw a couple shows and you gathered what you know

About the punk rock paradigm

All you really know is you have to throw a fit and whine

So you wrote a bunch of songs that are 30 seconds long

And complain about everything

This story's very common and it's getting a bit too annoying

Is your life really all that oppressive

Or are you just fitting the mold

Use your mind to make your own opinions

Don't cling to everything you're told

Well you've gotten all punk rock so you're hating all the jocks

Parents, teachers, and Rush Limbaugh

Your favorite thing in life is go out at night and break the law

You sewed on a couple spikes, learned to sing like Fat Mike

And your thinking about turning vegan

I've got so many problems with you

I just don't know where to begin

Do you really feel you've lost your freedoms

To politicians you can't see

You've got for more ulterior reasons

For your newfound identity

Please allow me to be frank, your charade is pretty rank

You just do it cause you wanna fit in

In my opinion being fake is one of the ost evil sins

Take a good look at your life, is it filled with so much strife

Or is that part of your punk rock style

Just an inch or two of honesty can stretch about a million miles

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