N Dubs

N Dubs - Love For My Slum lyrics


I've never had love for the feds,

But i've always had love my slum,

Im addicted to these streets like a mum is to her

kids so all my people in the slum put your hands up,

It never used to come that easy,

Now it just flys my way,

Dont know how i did it but i will carying to my dying day.

[Verse 1 Dappy]

I ent guna lie mama tried the best to bring me up right,

guess it never worked she always cryed i was well involved in crime from the age of 9,

music got me kinda famous now they want a piece of pie,

blud im blowing up the scene but i dunno where my bed is,

i smoke so much green coz i dont know where my head is,

i might have fame but im still low on credit,

management of my money tell me where my bread is,

I come across alot of rich kids that die to be thugs,

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