N Dubs

N Dubs - Fev Las Vagas lyrics


Hahaha) Its N dubs-N dubs what N dubs-N dubs (Na na nah)Its N dubs-N dubs (Hahaha)

iii I should have new this from the start that if we blow all these people so called

friends who i anit spoken 2 in years (nowowow) they got the nerve 2 call me up

and waste my time i dont need you for nothing so get the f**k out of my life

(VERSE 1 )

Yh i live my life on stages Feva Las Vagas Sliverstor stilloning it

any chick im boneing it ,

im ontirponuring i we do this all our selfs to the

productions to videos and everything else (Haha)

see the buzz that we created

was rear two independant releases from better not to i swear

but i pressume its da tune wid da chair that caused the havock

got all of these labels talking bout who the first to grab it

Bout man try to my ma publishing for only 80 grand ,

i might look like a boy but i got

a mind of a man (straight) see the game gives you a false high

when u fink your speaking

to me mate ur f*king screamin in my eye

(pre chours)

Causes by the jealousy give it to turn ya best friend into your enemy

all i no is i belive in what i do i can live without you

mother f**kers tryin to suck me dry


(VERSE 2 )

I aint lookin to be another one hit wonder

Pub One track in the charts and the fame dont last

Yh we lookin to sell units

So when you hear pussy cat dolls and g-unit

You will hear n dubs music

Bin preforming on stages ever since we were thirteen

So No one gunna tell us So we aint out the work in

N im keen bustin ma *** Cluckin like a theme for this dream

N dubz is my team, we wernt an overnite thing

From Peices overloadin n problems we couldent solve em

One day before our mix is due theres no goin home

N 24 hours in the stuz eating microwave foods

gettin pranks off these dudes i cant be arsed for these youths

(pre chours)



Lets take a look at the situation

At my life where its gone

Now everybody wants a piece of me

tryin to claim a right to the person ive become

That so good perfect image that you see on your TV screen

that discuses that reality

that messed up s**t you dnt see

and as for all the men that want a piece of the bod

you relly think i dnt kno all the reasons among you mind

it takes for than cheap talk to win my heart

so tell me where the hell were u before

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