Moonspell - Everything Invaded

From the soul to its waste,

The Common hates his evil twin.

Everything invaded

In its simplicity

How did you get inside me?

Still all fascinated,

Invaded by everything.

In the first morning light

The touch of death covering skies,

Everyhting invaded

(and) All the fears inspired

How did you get inside me?

Still all celebrated

Invaded by everything

Everything so full

In the lives I have taken with Me.

All our moments wasted

All is getting in.

Still all violated

Divided by everything

And all the grace disturbed.

All existence false.

All your dead generations!

I am a son of yours and I am coming back.

Everything invaded

In its finality.

Tell me will it hurt

When you get outside of me?

Everything is breaking.

Why have we ever stopped here?

Everything invaded

I am a son of yours

And I am giving up.

Everything invaded

Invaded by everything

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