Moonspell - A

There was something in your face again

I see sometimes in my dreams

Not the faintest belief where we had to hide

The sound of marching boots outside

The flickering hope was burning down

The same old tale that's told forevermore

Who do you think you are

Don't look back, 'cause nothing has changed yet

I guess somehow it's all like it was before

Always a reason to kill

Never to late to put on the pressure

The wind 's a little colder every year

The rest like it was before

so you like to play a leading role

(In your part time job called live)

Always stayed in your golden cage

(You never feeled the knife)

Then you open the door

You've never been so far before

We thought we were god but the race is run

The same old song we'll sing forevermore

Who do you think......

Where does it start, why does it end

Could be that your foe will soon be your friend

Today you are rich, tomorrow you're poor

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