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B        Bm      A        E
Oh, I am wishing for your love..

         A                 Db
Oh, I am wishing (wishing) longing (longing)
    F#m               B
and yearning for your kiss.
E                 D                     F#
Wishing (wishing) praying (praying) and longing 
         Bm       E
for that heavenly bliss.

          A                    Db           F#m
Yes, I am hoping (hoping) yes, hoping, that someday I'll 
   B        E                   D                 Bb
be blessed..when you (when you) say I'm (say I'm) your 
Bm   E    A   
only happiness.

D                 A
Wishing, wishing, wishing is all I do.
Db                F#m
Waiting, waiting, waiting in vain for you.
G#m                                   Db          F#m
If you'll say that you'll be mine and make all my dreams 
                   B           D        E
come true..I'll be completely, forever, yours.

            A                 Db
I pray that someday (someday) you'll say (you'll say)
F#m            B
what I long to hear.
   D             E    F#          D       E        A
My dear, so I'll keep waiting and wishing for your love.

Db        F#m      B        E                 A   D A
Wishing, (wishing) wishing (wishing) for your love.
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