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Capo 3]

Intro: Bm G Em D

                                   Bm                             G
Verse1:  When she speaks the name out loud breathless i pray 
                                               Em                    D
It's a mistake. Leaving no time to hesitate i sacrifice myself.
      Bm                                                       G
To spare the life of Prim the only innocence left in this place.
                        Em                                                                     D
Standing silently i feel the weight of such a smallness.

               Bm                                 G                                   Em
Chorus: Three fingers to their lips we all know that this is so 
                         Bm                                   G
Hold in every tear, no matter what i must appear 
                  Em D

                       Bm                                                            G
Verse2: i am just one face in a crowd, waiting for love to seal 
                                                     Em                              D
my fate.  There's no hope for mercy when death is just a game.
             Bm                                                             G
I'll sacrifice my ?whole self? Twice, if i will invade to pay the 
                                Em                                                      D
price. I will gladly pay it if it means I'd save it, her life.


[Chorus] *strum each chord once/let it ring*
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