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Eb  Fm    Eb  Bbm
Eb  Bbm  Eb  Bbm  Ab
Bbm                                        Ab         
Hold me tight, never let me go (won't let you go/I'll never let you go)
      Bbm                                     Ab
Dry the tears I was afraid to show (don't be afraid, no need to be afraid)

Fm                               Bb  
But when I see your face 
Fm                                                                Bb
your smile assures me that with you I'm safe

                Eb                        Fm                                                   
        You held me… like a child                                                   
          E                                            Bbm     
        Came for me… when no one tried
        E                   Bbm
        I let myself… cry
                  E                                         Bbm
        And I know… I know it’ll be all right
        It’ll be all right

Bbm                                                   Ab
Lost inside, been tryin' to find my own way (you'll find your way/never lose your way)
Bbm                                                              Ab
All these years you've shown me that its ok (it'll be ok/you'll always be ok)

                    Fm                       Bb
But I need time to heal this pain
      Fm                                                            Bb
Remember the memories that won't fade away

Ab  Fm  Bbm  Eb
Ab  Fm  Bbm  Eb

       Fm                              Bb
But you, you showed me love 
         Fm                                             Bb
You helped me let go and lifted me up!

        CHORUS (key change, up two half-steps)
        F                                   Gm      
        You held me… like a child                                                   
         F                                            Cm     
        Came for me… when no one tried
        F                   Cm
        I let myself… cry
                  F                                         Cm
        And I know… I know it’ll be all right
        It’ll be all right
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