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Let me introduce myself, missus no more name to tell
All I want are the same rights, without having to put up a fight
I'm a thing that you can hurt, you think you're better straight from
     C    B7 021202  (or try an F#dim 001212)

If I'm not a mother, then I'm not a woman
God forbid I'm beautiful, intelligent, and break the rules
Well maybe I don't want to.  Maybe I don't have to.
Maybe I am tired of being told what I'm made of

You see me as a piece of art, taking care not to be as smart
Fallin' carefully between the pressure of two extremes
But I walk the fine line between what you want and who I
   C    B7 021202  (or try an F#dim 001212)

If I'm not a lover, if I'm not a virgin
Then I'm not good enough, impossible to win your game
Cuz maybe I don't want to.  Maybe I don't have to.
Maybe I am tired of being told what I'm made of

(Instrumental break)
Am  Am/G  D  D (2x)
Am  Am/G  B7

Well I'm a bitch! I'm a whore! I am nothing more
than a toy that you play with every day!
Helpless and worthless, but bought and sold 'til there's nothing left!

Let me introduce myself, no more passive words withheld
I have power and control to determine my own roles.
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