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Key: E

  E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
my girl knows her right from wrong
  E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
I know been with her so long
  A          G               B7
takes two to match don't you know

  E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
night time calling out my name
  E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
morning doing just the same
  A            G             B7
never known a girl to be so cold

 E                    G      A     E
love that girl she's always on my mind
          G      A       E
yeah shes always on my mind
         G       A       B7
out of sight and out of mind

 E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
late night been awake so long
 E - D - E - D - E - D - B7
monday singing a different song
 A                   G       B7
been waiting for someone to show
 A                   G       B7
takes two to match don't you know
 A                   G        E
takes two to match don't you know
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