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These are a new bad that have hit the streets of lincolnshire

they have an new sound which brings a new flavour to rock and

roll/indie. they have catchy tunes with well thought out riffs

and lyrics. You Heard It Here First.








Am Cadd9 G Em


Just give it two weeks


He'll be down shooting galleries


and that'll be his scene


Yeah that'll be his scene

Dm Am E

He'll be doing all he can

He'll be working for the man

No he won't stand a chance

He'll have holes in his arms

He'll beat up old ladies

He'll be acting crazy

He'll rob their cash

So he can get a clean stash

He won't give a fuck

Just as long as it's drugs

Oh just give it two weeks

Yeah just give it two weeks

He'll act like Jeremy Beadle

When he's on the needle

Oh just give it two weeks

Yeah just give it two weeks

He'll be in white romms

He'll be watching his doom

Oh just give it two weeks

Yeah just give it two weeks

But he'll be fucked off his head

Lying in bed

Oh just give it two weeks

Yeah just give it two weeks

He'll be down the shooting galleries....

He'll be doing his thing

On filthy heroin

He'll have holes in his arse

and holes in his arms

But he doesn't stand a chance

No he doesn't stand a chance

He'll be acting like a thug

He'll be out of it on drugs

That'll be his scene

Yeah just give it two weeks

Am E Dsus

he doesnt know his family

his doesnt know his home

abandoned by his freinds

he is sitting all alone


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