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Intro:  Cmaj - C - Cmaj - C - Am - F  - G  - Cmaj - C - Cmaj - C

        Cmaj                                     C       Cmaj     C                              
Jesus knew he was going to die
It was Gods will it was Gods desire
To defeat sin
So he died & rose again
                              Cmaj   C    Cmaj    C
For you and me
                 Cmaj          C          Cmaj     C
So don't ever feel alone
God is with you, he made your soul
& he shows it everyday
In every single way...

This is real love
This is not fake
The way, the truth, the life
 Am           G
was crucified
 this is real love
He didn't hesitate
When he said that it is done
               Am                           G
& your sins are washed away
                      Cmaj            C         Cmaj            C
This is real love

Cmaj                              C                          Cmaj           C
When you taste the bread & wine
Does it remind you of his life?
& the body & the blood
& the father, spirit, son


     G                          F                 Am
& no one will love you more
Then he loves you
    G                    F                       Am
& no one will give you more
Then what he's givin you
G            F             Am                             C
no one else can take away all your sins
But my God

[Silent Chorus]

This is real love!
This is real love!
                  Am                          G
And your sins are washed away
                 Am                            G
And your sins are washed away 
yes, your sins are washed away!
                        Cmaj       C      Cmaj   C     Cmaj
this is real love.
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