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This is a realy sweet band i heard them in a bar down in the toronto area and
they gave away cds and i havent taken the cd out of my stereo cuz there so good
The verse is muffled the whole time and the chorus is not

C G D Em
I know that you dont want to be here well neither do i
C G D Em
I cant understand why your comitting suicide
C G D Em
But i know that sometimes i fell the same (feel the same)
C G D Em
But your thinking about something thats so insane

CAdd9 G
Cuz i know Yes i know
D Em
I understand but do you have to go?
And even if you think i dont
I know

I cant feel the way you feel what the hell is going on?
you might not show but theres realy something wrong (with you)
wondering and waiting your life is fading in my eyes
and i realized only freaks commit suicide


Solo- pickthe top 3 strings only
chrods to pick: Em Cadd9 G and then pick the top 3 open


EVen if you think i dont..........I know

If there is anything wrong email me at shamethefury@hotmail.com

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