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INTRO: D Dm Em D C..F D C..F D A..G F 

C    D       F     Dm   C              D
You..are the color blue as I'm looking through
       C     A
at the magic mood.
C  D     C            Dm C              D
I..don't know what to do When I look at you..
C                A     Dm G 
are you looking, too?


D    C         D       Dm C                 D
You..you don't want me to fall in love with you..
C               A   
what else can I do?

D  C               Dm   C            D   C
I..when I think of you..every time I do..all I see 
is blue.

INTERLUDE:  F Dm A Em..G F Dm D..Eb G C..D C D C..G D C A C..
            D C G Dm ..Am A G D F D..F#m Am 
G    C     F       G    C     F    C  A    Am
You..all I need is you..all I want is you..don't you 
A       G   A
want me too?

F    G      C       D   C                D     F   Dm C
You..if you want me to..let me know it's true..I'm in love 
D    A
with you.
D    Am            D    C              D
You..are the color blue as I'm looking through
Am     C     Dm  A  
at the magic mood.


D A..G F..D C..D C
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