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   1st Chord            2nd Chord         3rd Chord
          E5        Chord #2        C#m7
      (Power Chord)       Unknown Name    (Minor 7th Chord)
e  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l
b  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l
G  l------9----------------8--------------------6--------------l
D  l------9----------------9--------------------6--------------l
A  l------7----------------6--------------------4--------------l
E  l------0----------------0--------------------0--------------l

      4th Chord           5th Chord             6th Chord
        Esus4     E Major    Bsus2
  (Suspended 4th chord)                   ( suspended 4th Chord)
e  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l
b  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l
G  l------2-------------------1-------------------4----------------l
D  l------2-------------------2-------------------4----------------l
A  l------0-------------------2-------------------2----------------l
E  l------0-------------------0-------------------0----------------l

       7th Chord            8th Chord          9th Chord
         A       B              Bm
    (Major chord)         (Major chord)       (Minor Chord)
e  l------0--------------------0-------------------7-----------------l
b  l------0--------------------0-------------------7-----------------l
G  l------6--------------------8-------------------9h8---------------l
D  l------7--------------------9--------------------9----------------l
A  l------7--------------------9--------------------7----------------l
E  l------5--------------------7--------------------0----------------l

        10th Chord            11th Chord             12th Chord
        Chord #10             Chord #11            Chord # 12
       (Unknown)              Unknown Name            (Unknown)
e  l------0----------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
b  l-----6h8---------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
G  l------7----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l
D  l------0----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l
A  l------0----------------------0-------------------------0-----------l
E  l------0----------------------4-------------------------2-----------l

           13h Chord          14th Chord            15th Chord
           Chord #13            Chord #14             Am
           (Unknown)          Unknown Name         (Minor Chord)
e  l------0-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
b  l------0-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
G  l------8-----------------------0--------------------5-----------l
D  l------7-----------------------9--------------------7-----------l
A  l------5-----------------------9--------------------7-----------l
E  l------0-----------------------7--------------------5-----------l


(1st chord E5

October rain jeoteun baram naemsae
(Chord #2)
October pain apahaettdeon uri
C#m7              Esus4  Esus4
Hillingi pilyohae nan niga pilyohae

[Verse 1]
E5 hmron 8-9 on string G
But it's too late neuteo beoryeosseo
(Chord #2)
It's too late dwidolligien
C#m7          Esus   E
Imi eopjireojin muri dwaebeorin neo

                 C#m7     Bsus2
Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
                  A        B
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
         Bsus2       Bm
Nareul gochigo sipeo


Bm    (Chord #10)

[Verse 2]
October wind heureon haneul gieok
October scene neol damattdeon gonggan
Bsus2              Esus4  E
Hillingi pilyohae nan niga pilyohae

Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
                      A  B
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
       (Chord #11)  A  B
Nareul gochigo sipeo


C#m7               Bsus2
Take me back in time
Take me back in time
(Chord #12)
Take me back in time
Take me back in

Take me back in

Take me back in
Take me back in time

Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae
Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
 (Chord #11)      A  B
Nareul gochigo sipeo

Geudaereul ppaeatgin mam
Bsus2                   A  
Siganui gireul deuraipeuhae

Esus4 Bsus2 C#sus2 (Chord #13) (Chord #14)

Gieokui kkeuteul dallyeoga
        Bsus2   A Am
Nareul gochigo sipeo

E5             C#m7
I miss you... I miss you... 
B               A                 E5
Geudaereul saranghan geudaereul tteonagan na
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