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                    G                                 C
Holy Sprit come, come into this place,
            Em                        C
in a mighty way, move in me
Holy Spirit come, give me ears to hear,
remove doubt and fear, move in me
 G                 D  
Start a revival I will be the spark
  Em                                 C
Jesus take my heart and use me
                    G                                 C
Holy Sprit revive me, set our hearts a blaze,
            Em                        C
hear our song of praise, come move in me
Holy Spirit revive me, give me breath again,
give me faith to stand, move in me
Em                                       D              C
You are my Hope, this is my prayer, oh God (2X)
C           D              Em
Like a heart beats again
C              D               Em   (2x) last time end on G
Make my spirit breath within
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