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F               Bbm          F
Mirror, mirror, on the wall..mirror, mirror, 
on the wall.

F               Bb           F
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest 
of them all?
           F            Bb              C7
And in the mirror I can see your pretty face.

            F                      Bb
And now I'm sorry, for what I have done to you.
F                     Bbm
And now it looks like we are through.
             F                  Bb             C7
I'd give the world, my love, to have you back again..
once more.

Db                                F
Put back the clock for just a few hours..
Db                               Ab
so, we can wander..wander, those warm,
summer showers.

F               Bb           F
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, your whispers come back,
    Bbm            F              Bb             C7
I recall, yes, the happiness that we once knew before.

(INTERLUDE:) F Bb F Bbm F Bbm C7

F               Bb            F                  Bbm
I'm not just pretending, now..I'd take you back, any

old how.
           F                Bb                 C7
And I will prove to you how strong my love can be.

F               Bbm          F
Mirror, mirror, on the wall..mirror, mirror, 
on the wall..(Fade.)
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