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Tuning: Standard

   Riff 1
G|-----------2-------|   * = play Riff 1

   G                           C              G
I used to be a loser, hanging with my loser friends
         Am                                  Em                  D
But the first time that we made out made my neck hairs stand on end
      Am       Am
Oh, Starla * Starla
   D                                  Dsus4 D Dsus2 D
I guess its like my heart is spinning donuts 
You're the cheese upon my burger
I'm the mustard on your bun
          C                                   Em       D
And just like the perfect burger, our love's never overdone
You're the ice cube in my cola
I'm the ketchup on your fries
          C                              Em            D
And I'll punch the face of any guy, who might say otherwise
Oh, Starla * 
         C                 C
But I'd knew you'd be my lady
        C   C    C D   G
And I'd be your muscle man
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