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How does it feel now your on your own - Neils Children
Neils Children are a small band on the soft city records label, who infuse
catchy bass lines with simple power chords and weird pedal effects

Tabbed by: George O'Toole
Please note that the crazy sounds in this song can not be tabbed as they
are made by some weird pedal, so experiment with bends, and just go crazy

Tuning: standard (i think)
Bass line (on guitar) also used half way throught the song instead of the


D F C Db D
G|---7---7---7--/--10--10--10----5---6---7------then shoot up -------------|
D|---7---7---7--/--10--10--10----5---6---7----the neck and bend -----------|

Thats pretty much it, great song.

| / slide up


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