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Tuning: standard

         Gm               C                 Em         X-all strings muted

Gm x4
Momma woke up at 3 a.m. with her pillow soaked in sweat
In her mind an image was burned that she will not forget
She still recounts with worry and fear this vision to everyone
She was made to watch in helpless horror 
                        X            X          Gm
as the water filled the lungs of her first born son

Gm  C   Em   C  Gm
Years have past the boy is grown I'm technically a man
Lately I'm still dragging on doing every little thing I can
I'm waiting to uphold the promise that I'll accomplish great things

But the universe works a little odd for me 
      X          X        X 
and I want it to hear me sing

      Gm                                                  ----|
I'm a handful of cells in an ocean of stars                   |from here on
        C                                                     |is strummed
I'm not even a blip on reality's radar                        |not plucked
If it isn't enough a miracle I've somehow come so far
Why's it gotta be so hard to get a good job or a car
The weight of adulthood holds this dumb kid down
I nod in understanding

   Em      C     Gm
So this is how I drown
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