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I wrote this song, for the band that I formed, the other day and really liked
the way it sounded so i thought i would share it with u guys out there!
I will give u guys the strum pattern at the beginning of the tab.
I hope u guys like it and keep the music coming.

1 2 & 3 & 4 &
That is the strumming pattern

3|-1-6-2-4-| Play this 6 times on the second time start the verse and
4|-2-6-2-4-| on the 2 times only strum the chords twice for each line.


4|-2--------| Play this 2 times

then u play the verse again, then the pre chorus(the same as the verse) and then the chorus.


3|--9--9---7--7---5--5---2-1-2| Depending on how fast u play the bridge play
4|--9--9---7--7---5--5---2-1-2| it 3 or 4 times.

then just keep repeating tht verse and slowly fade the sound away. Once u get
the hang of it its lots of fun!


I've been waitin
For you
For what seems
Like forever,

You make me
Feel so special
Make me see
What you mean,

When you tell me
That you need me
That you want to
be free

Life is short
Time goes fast
Life slips by
Way to fast

So dont let go
Hold on tight
Let it show
You'll put up a fight

Go with the flow

I know that
When I do
finally get you
it will go to fast

But even so
I won't let go
Because I know
It will always last

Even when
You tell me
You want to
Be free

Life is short
Time goes fast
Life slips by
Way to fast

So dont let go
Hold on tight
Let it show
You'll put up a fight

Go with the flow

Keep on living
Like you mean it
Dont give up
Just dont give up

Cause someimes
Life can suck
And you just want
It to stop

Just go with the flow
and let it show
that you know
How to live your life

Go with
The flow

go with the flow

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