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Am      Gm                           Fm
Got a hundred kisses I wanna         taste you
Am      Gm                           Fm
got a hundred places I wanna         take you
Am          Gm                                                  Fm        Am
You give me shivers up my spine you leave me breathless all the time 
Am          Gm             Fm
I got this funny feelinů.. inside of me 

Am                 C                            F
Holy God, you give me shivers up my spine a lot                         
        G                                 Am
 and when I wanna fall asleep I can't
C                                                       F
 cause you're not lyin' next to me I want to kiss you again and again 
Am                   C                                               F
Hold me, God, you've got me crawlin' on my knees a lot 
     G                                         Am
and if you were to say that you'd leave
C                                            F       
 I'd throw my eyes to heaven and I'd plead                don't let go of me 
Am                  Gm     Fm
And I'm not a fool           I know you're trouble
Am      Gm           Fm
 but I can't fight theeeeeeeeeeeeeee  inevitable 
Am                  Gm                     Fm 
my hands are up against the wall and as I rise I start to
Am                     Gm                      Fm
fall it's not my fault that I want more        

Am            Gm                  Fm                                                     
Danger oh yeh you spell danger to me but you gotta get 
Am                                       Gm                                     Fm
burned before you'll ever learn before you'll ever learn
Am             Gm                    Fm          
danger oh yeh you spell danger to me but come on and 
Am                           Gm                                Fm
burn come on and burn cause I wanna learn                     

 ------Repeat CHORUS
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