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 D                      A
 You came from heaven above
     F#m               E
 To give Your life for us
 D                          A
 You took our sins to the grave
     F#m           E
 To make a way for us


 Bm             D
 We sing Your glory
 F#m         E
 To You, oh God


                      D               A
 We cry out, to the Lord of all the earth
           E          D              A
 We will shout, His name unending worth
           E        D              A
 We will sing, to Jesus, Lord on high
         E        D           A
 We cry out, oh Lord! We cry out.


 D                     A
 We gladly give our lives
     F#m                    E
 To light the world through us
 D                     A
 We're coming with a hope
    F#m                   E
 To make a change through us


 Raise your voi - ces.
 Lift your prai - ses.
 Sing to Je - sus.
 Our deliverer.

 Make a stand for
 Him who sits on
 Hea - ven's throne of
 Righteousness above.


 D               A
 You made who I am
     F#m               E
 To show Your grace in us
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