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Tuning: Standard
Key: D


I love to sing the songs that love You
I love to sing the songs that praise You
D          D/F#          G
I love to be drawn into You
D                  A          D
I want to love You more and more


          A         G          D
I love to love, my rock and my deliverer
          A         G                D/F#      G
I love to love, The One who makes my ways perfect
          A         G              D/F#        G
I love to love, and You alone are worthy
D             A              G
You alone are worthy of my praise
D             A              G
You alone are worthy of my praise


I love You O Lord my strength
I love You O Lord my saviour
D                D/F#          G
I love You each day with every breath
D                    A             D
I want to love You Jesus more and more


Em7        D/F#   G              A           Em7
You are my Lord, there's nothing greater I possess
             D/F#        G                       A
My heart is glad, so I sing a song of praise to You
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