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I've been working on this song for months trying to get it right.
It's acoustic for now, but I'll make some electric parts on my
own time. The story behind this song is that it was written for
my dad, who unfortunately died in 2001. This song's tempo is
4/4 time, and you can make up your own strumming patterns, because
I use a different one each time I play this. Note that there is
a capo, so the notes are just moved up 1 fret.
(.)=half note(2 beats)

Standard tuning, CAPO 1ST FRET

start strumming chords........
Asus4(8x) Bm(8x)

Bm Asus4
I lie awake in my restless dreams
Bm Asus4
This is where I will not tread
Bm A6 D/A Bm
Everything you were is visible
C Asus4
But the lights are growing ever dimmer

Cadd9 Em
Is it too late to save you?
Cadd9 Em
You're a thousand miles away
Cadd 9 Em
Is it too hard to hear me?
Cadd9 Em
Cuz I feel like I'm all alone
Cadd9 Em
So far down
That I can't seem to breathe


Verse 2:
Cadd9 Em
Everything else is unreal
Cadd9 Em
Because only what you see, you feel
Cadd9 Em
Stay where you are until
You miss me when I'm gone

Chorus 2x

strum(each 1 time) Cadd9, then Em, Cadd9, Em, then:

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