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G                              C
3 o'clock in the morning, the rain began to fall
G                                 C
3 o'clock in the morning was the time I got your call,
G                              D
and as I spoke to you from my cold and lonely bed,
G                              D
all I could think of then was what my mama said,
             C   D                C   D      G
she said I'd cry-y   she said I'd cry-y for you.

I know the sun will come up, the rain will go away
G                                  D
but for now I have to live with a heart that's sad and grey,
 G                           C
I can't think of a time that I have felt this blue,
G                 C
mama I realise I should have listened to you, 
              G  C               G   C
you said I'd cry-y, you said I'd cry-y it's true.

G                          C
and as I sit here now, my love it seems in vain,
G                          C
will you return to me and ease my lonely pain
           G  C          G  C          G  C     F
or will I cry-y, will I cry-y, will I cry-y for you.....
 C      D  C      D     G
for you-u for you-u for you.....
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