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E                   D                      E           D
The day is gone and darkness falls the'res evil in the air,
   E         D                 E            D
A coven has assembled, there's witches everywhere, 
its frightening.
E                     D               E           D
On a shadowed moor by moonlight, they gather all around,
       E               D                    A
You'd better run you'd better hide cos it's midnight, 
it's midnight

Oh, heaven above, answer my prayer, 
I need some guidance some help from some where,
D                                     E  -  D
help me through, this deed I must do, tonight.

  E                       D         E             D 
The high priest gives the signal, a naked girl is brought,
       E                D
she's laid down on the dampened ground, 
there's lightning.
   E                D               E                   D
A dagger is raised into the air to strike her cold and clean,
E                D                    A  
then I awaken in deep distress it was just a dream, 
it was just a dream

   D                              E              
Oh heaven above answer my prayer, take my torment and saddened dispair,
D                                    E
help me through, I'm pleading to you tonight,
   D         E           D       E
oh tonight, tonight, oh tonight tonight.
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