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Intro- F, C, G, A, Bb

Verse 1
                   F                              C  
You know all the good tricks, got every shade of lipstick.
                    G                                    Bb
Your rockin' those designer cloths, from your head down to your toes.
                   F                                       C
Ya got a little swagger in your step, thinkin' you don't have me yet.
               G                      A
You need to realize that through my eyes
Their's another you that I like best

             D                  C  
   It's the way you laugh like no-ones watching.
               F                                               C
   When it's just me and you, we're singin' out of tune and drivin' in my car
             D                  C
   It's the way you kiss me without warning
            F                                         C
   and I gotta go to work but your wearing my shirt dancing like a superstar.
        G             A            Bb-Pause
   You try to be the girl of my dreams.

   Ya do it with the little things.

Verse 2
                   F                           C
Now don't misunderstand me. I appreciate your fancy.
                     G                                  Bb
But some girls in a little black dress doesn't beat your hair in a mess.
              F                          C    
I love a good restaurant but baby what I really want,
                       G                  A
Is a bowl of mac and cheese, just you and me
Yeah, that's what turns me on.

Repeat Chorus

Solo- F, D#, Bb, F, C, G, D#, C

Repeat Chorus
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