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yo..these are tabs for my very own band Drift..no it's not by coldplay..i
just wrote that so i could get it in the site..hope ya like them..and can
learn to play them. This is an acoustic song. So if you have an acoustic,
thats a good thing. This is also a very easy song to play...

Tab site: ultimate-guitar.com
Band: Drift
Title: Taste
Tabber: Josh Turk







Intro/Verse..x4 (start sing at 2nd)

Lyrics: Taste

Verse: I spend nights alone
Bleeding in pain
But you get used to it
It all feels the same

At one point in time
I wasn't this way
I was popular
In every single way...

Chorus:Because I was strong!
I knew what to do
When things went wrong
Because I had Faith!!!
That was anger
That I could taste

Verse2:All the nights I spent
Alone in my bed
I hear the phone ring
But it's only in my head

Sometimes I wonder
If I should or not
Maybe someday
I'll take that shot...


end verse:I had Faith
I could taste the coldness
In my head
I had Taste
The faith in me
Only wants me..dead

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