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INTRO: F Bb (x2)

F    Bb  F           Bb          F    Bb F Bb
Girl.....hey, what's that you're doin'..
F    Bb  F            Bb          F   Bb F Bb
girl.....girl, what's that you're doin'?
              Gm7               A#         Gm7
You've got to show me the steps to it..somehow 
                       C             F    Bb F  Bb
I'm gonna learn how to do it..do The Jerk....hey.
       F    Bb F     Bb          F    Bb F    Bb
Do The Jerk....girl, come on and work....hey..do The
F    Bb F Bb F

F   Bb F Bb             F         Bb      F   Bb
Girl.........how do you move your hips so fine..
F    Bb         F      Bb      F    Bb       F    Bb
Girl....come on now....work it out, right on time.
Gm7                 A#      Gm7            C
Everybody's got the beat....hey....look at me....
          F    Bb F    Bb              F    Bb
doin' The Jerk....yeah....now watch me work..
F    Bb            F    Bb F   Bb        F   Bb F
girl....now do The Jerk....hey....do The Jerk.

Go on and soooooooooooooooul, soul, soul, soul..soul..
soul, soul, soul..everybody now..soul, soul, soul.
Gm7                               C
You don't know how to do it..come on, gonna teach it to you.

C            F    Bb  F    Bb       F    Bb F
I'm doin The Jerk.....hey..watch me work....girl.
Bb     F    Bb         F    Bb     F            Bb      F
Do The Jerk....come on now..do The Jerk..let me see you work.
Bb     F    Bb      F     Bb     F     Bb       F
Do The Jerk....everybody..do The Jerk..come on, now.

Bb     F            Bb            F
Do The Jerk..with a little bit of soul.
Bb     F     Bb        F
Do The Jerk..show 'em, girl.
Bb     F     Bb          F
Do The Jerk..work, work, work.
Bb     F     Bb       F
Do The Jerk..come on, girl.
Bb     F     Bb           F
Do The Jerk..listen, everybody.
Bb     F       Bb              F
Do The Jerk..I like to see you work.
Bb     F          Bb        F  
Do The Jerk..with soul now, girl.
Bb     F     Bb   F
Do The Jerk..hey! hey! (Stop.)
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