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Intro: D A7 D G A7 D
Verse 1:
Sitting on my bed at midnight
     A7                      D
Just waiting for you to show up
Makin' sure I got the time right
(G)                     D
Yup! It's twelve o'clock
D                          (A7)
So girl why won't you show up
A7               (D)
Noone acts like you
D                          G
And if there's a fact that you should know
           A7                       D
You don't grow on trees like apples do
Verse 2:
Twelve o'clock afternoon
Just waiting for you to show  up
I thought that you would be over here
Hey! It's twelve o'clock
Chorus x2:
So boy/girl why won't you show up
Noone acts like you
And if there's a fact that you should know
[You don't grow on trees like apples do]x4
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