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Intro: A - E - D (2x)

A      E                      D
 i was captured the moment we met
A            E                    D
 carried away with every word you said
 its a mystery how you got to me
i fell in the spell of your charms
           Bm                                    A
with your silent smile youve caught me with your heart

A                       E
just one glance took away my breath
        F#m                  D
Then you drew me in with your tenderness
    A            E          D
You captivate my soul, I'm enraptured
A                       E
You knocked me out and you locked me up
F#m                  D
Stole my heart like a thief at love
 A                   E           D
Keep me here in your happy ever after
I'm captured



F#m                        D
Now you've got the best of me
F#m                        D
No one else could hold the key
I'm captured
I'm captured
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