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B                     E       C#m   A        B
All you had to do was tell me.......that you found 
         E   C#m A
somebody new.
        B             E      C#m  A     B
All you had to do was tell me.....but instead you
       E   A E
were untrue.

B                     E       C#m  A       B
All you had to do was love me......half as much as 
       E   C#m A
I love you.
        B             E      C#m  A     B
All you had to do was love me.....but instead I 
         E    A E E7
was your fool.

    A      B            E               A
The lips I thought were only mine, Were kissing 
B       E   E7
someone new.
    A      B           E            G#m  F#
The love I thought was solely mine, Will prove 
   A  C#m  B
to be un...true.

E       Ebm           E       C#m  A
All you had to do was tell me......though it would 
             E   C#m A
have made me sad.
       B               E       C#m  A       B
If you only would have told me......then it wouldn't
        E    C#m A
hurt so bad.

        B                E    C#m   A       B
Then it wouldn't hurt so bad........then it wouldn't 
        E   C#m A 
hurt so bad.........(Fade.)
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