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Capo 8th fret.

(2 String Plucking) 
Em    Am   x2
C                                       Am                                      C            Em
I never really noticed, until my daddy told me, that something was wrong. 
Am           C                       Em        Am             C                              Em
So what, am I gonna do now, But hey, I think I got it figured out. 
Am                          C        Em        Am        C                           Em 
Here's  the things that I did , to try and find out, what was wrong…. 

Am                     Em                        C                  
I got my eyes checked, and I had a blood test, but still nothing turned up
        Am                      Em                         G
wrong.  Then I had my MRI, and I think it went just fine, but I still don’t
know what's wrong. Yeah I still don’t know what's wrong.  

[Verse 2]
C                              Am            C                          Em    
So now that im trying, to get this around my head.
C                     Am                            C             Em            
And hope its not gonna be something I dread..
Am                          Em                     Am                 Em/Am         Em 
Here's  the things that I did , to try and find out, what was wrong…. 


(3 String Plucking)
Am           C                 G
All those nights and days
Am              C              G
Filled with pain and suffering  x2
Am               C            Am              C          G 
but that’s gonna change yeah that’s all gonna change
Am          C             G
When I find out what was wrong

Am                        Em       Am           C             Em 
Here's  the things that I did , to try and find out, what was wrong…. 

[Chorus] x2
Will you help me find out what is wrong… 
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