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(G F F# G E)
C                               G
     She promised you stars,
Like you read all her pages,
    All of the tension,
And the company of strangers,
The fear that you came with,
You though you'd escaped it,
But even while breaking,
           C               F
You could still be persuaded...

   Looking out...
    Across the lights...
Until the morning.

                    A      G 
Oh, but didn't they shine!
Like a night sky.
            A       G 
Didn't they shine!
Like a hazy day rain,
     D                       G              E
Like champagne and heartbreak.

Oh, but didn't they shine,
(Oh, didn't they shine)
Like a night sky,
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
But didn't they shine,
(Oh, didn't they shine)
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