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 Sittin' my front porch these days

 F                        E7            F
 things are lookin' up / I'm lookin down

 E7                   F
 Mexican yard sale / Right across my way
 E7                  F                    E7
 I'm lookin' out / I'm puttin my name down

 A7                            G7                 E7
 I wake up in the morning /  I hear sweet church music
 A7                 G7                 A/D
 As I walk, I know I need me some new shoes
  G7                         E7       A/D
 I ain't got money for these blues / as I walk 
 G7                E7        A7
 I need money for these new shoes
 E7                       F
 She said give me time / I said I've had enough
 E7                         F
 Takin' risks these days / All out luck
 E7               G7                A7           A/D
 If I try I know I've got all that soul leekin' inside
 E7                  F            E7                 F
 Time these days is draggin by / Time these days is draggin' by

 A7                       G7
 I might as well pick up something new
 And if I get some money from you 
 A7                     F
 I'm gonna buy me some new shoes
 E7                                F                     G7                A7
 Cuz its walkin round these day's it's just too hard to get where I gotta get to
 A7                G7       E7  A/D
 I need money for my brand new shoe
 E7          F              A7
 Brand new, snappy, snappy boots
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