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Misc Christmas - Ill Be Home For Christmas guitar chord


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K.Gannon, W.Kent (c) 1943

I'll be home for Christmas [C Ebdim Dm7 G7]

You can count on me [C Gm6 A7 Dm7, Edim]

Please have snow and mistletoe [F6 G7 C Am]

and presents on the tree [D7 Dm7 G9]

Christmas Eve will find me [C Ebdim Dm7 G7]

Where the love light gleams [C Gm6 A7 Dm7]

I'll be home for Christmas [F6 Fm6 C A7+5]

If only in my dreams [D7 Dm7 G7 C (Ab7 Cmaj79)]

A7+5: x02021

Gm6: xx2333

Fm6: xx0111

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