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Misc Cartoons - Lion King - Lion Sleeps Tonight Heavy Metal Version guitar tab

Name: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Heavy Version)

Made up and tabbed by: Joel Estes

Hey whats up.. something that's good for a laugh or something is getting a cheesy riff

to a TV show or a

tune everyone knows, and throwing some heavy palm muting and distortion in there, is

always great for a

here's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in power chords.. enjoy! here's the power chords used:

A5 B5 C#5 D5 E5 (7th fret)

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

2 4 6 7 9 or 4

2 4 6 7 9 2

0 2 4 5 7 -

- - - - - -


A5 B5 C#5 B5 C#5 D5 C#5 B5 A5 B5

C#5 B5 A5 C#5 B5 (LET RING)

E5 C#5 B5 C#5 C#5 D5 C#5 B5 A5

B5 C#5 B5 A5 C#5 B5 (LET RING)


G5 C5

- -

- -

- 5

5 5

5 3

3 -

On the chorus i throw some "James Hetfield" chops onto the power chords for more humor

and stupidity..

is basically all this is.. but hey.. it's fun.. be sure and check out the Sesame Street

Heavy Version in

Misc category.. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and Sesame Street themes are also laying

around for you to learn.. any questions comments or death threats can be met at: SoupNaziSP@AOL.com

take it easy

Joel Estes

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