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Posted by s.l.vazquez@LaRC.NASA.GOV (Sixto L. Vazquez)

I Wanna Be Like You
Jungle Book

Am E7
Now I'm the king of the swingers, the jungle V. I. P.
I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what's botherin' me
I wanna be a man, man-cub, and stroll right into town
Am G7
And be just like the other men, I'm tired of monkeyin' 'round, oh


C A7
Ooh, ooh, ooh, I wanna be like you ooh ooh
D7 G7 C A7 Dm7
I wanna walk like you, talk like you too, ooh, ooh
G7 C A7
You'll see it's true ooh, ooh, an ape like me, ee, ee
D7 G7 C A7 D7 G7
Can learn to be hu-ooh-ooh-man too, ooh, ooh

Don't try to kid me man-cub and don't get in a stew
What I desire is man's red fire so I can be like you
Give me the secret man-cub, just clue me what to do
Give me the pow'r of man's red flow'r and make my dreams come true


I like your mannerisms, we'll be a set of twins
No one will know where man-cub ends and orangutan begins
And when I eat bananas, I won't peel them with my feet
'Cause I'll become a man-cub and learn some etti - keet.


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