Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus - Quiz!

this is made for you and your best friend take this quiz and see if your more like Me {miley} or Lilly {her caracter}

CORRECTION - It should be Hannah (her character) not Lilly

1) what word are you mostly like?

A. shy, and nice

b. outgoing and kinda bully like

2) what do you like doing best out of these to hobbies?

A. singing and learing new dance moves

b. skateborading and learning new tricks

3) what would you rather spend your money on?

A. cool, new clothes

b. new trucks for your skateboard

4) when you upset what's the first thing you say to your best friend?

A. nuthing i just take you shoulder to cry on

B. yell at her and kick her becase your upset

5.) what is the first thing you do when you see your friend after a long old summer of not seeing her?

A. run up and say you've missed her, and give her a nice bear hug

B. nuthing, i just kick her and act like i've seen her the all summer

Thanks to Crystal Carper for these lyrics

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