Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty - Unsingable Name lyrics

Want to be your only one now

Feel the wave come up from your sulkiness

Feel the rays you radiate now

Sweet and plain unsingable name

That rings in my mind now

That strums me like a string

Shine, unsingable name

Over everything

Beware the thrum of hearts in your presence and

Watch the breeze that snaps at you now

All the dogs that bark from the fences and

Everything is wanting for you

Smirk on the face and fists in the clenches and

Make the radiator blow now

Crack the planks and shatter the lenses and

Mix the salt, the sugar and flour

Slushing, sleeting through the blue gloom

Some long bell's lonely ring

Chime, unsingable name

Over everything

I want to see the mountains in silhouette

Want to split for Singapore now

I want to see the mystery trees

Want to hear the womanly sound

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